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Start your search with our Basic plan, and choose the right services for each project 

EnerYields - Products and services

Starting with search


If you’re the DIY type, you’ll love our free search. Answer a few short questions and you’re on your way to savings.


You’ll get access to a comprehensive summary of available green incentives, below-market loans, and specialized financing options for your project and a free consultation to understand complex technical information. 


Our green summary is ideal for pre-screening your project. There are no paywalls or hidden fees. Just the most complete database anywhere, available for free. Click the button to start your search.

Start with search

Meet our specialists

EnerYields Premier can help you navigate the complex world of green incentives and financing. Our expert advisors will guide you through the process and identify avenues to lower your cost and maximize your ROI.


EnerYields expert consultants can provide:

  • Guidance on green incentives and financing options

  • Navigate different financing structures and processes

  • Support to understand eligibility and application requirements

  • Connections to our network of energy efficiency professionals

Go beyond free

As the industry expert, EnerYields can help select the right green incentives and financing for your project. For clients looking for assistance with their decision-making and application process, the Custom Green Report in our Premier Package offers:

  • Detailed analysis of energy conservation measures covered by the green financing options

  • Information on application process, eligibility, timeline and disbursement schedule

  • Year on year cashflow analysis of hybrid financing strategies

EnerYields - Meet our specialists

Customized care

As the industry experts on green incentives and financing, EnerYields can help at every stage of construction or retrofit planning. For clients who want concierge-level care beyond our Premier Package, we offer:

  • Application & verification to secure select green incentives and financing options

  • Project Management to ensure compliance and reporting through the project life


  • Technical Guidance to navigate the program requirements and be your liaison

EnerYields - Custom green report


At EnerYields, we understand that no two projects are the same. Tailor your EnerYields experience to meet your project demand - from DIY to concierge care and everything in between!

EnerYields - Range of ways to help
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